Custom Candle Labeling - Private Label Candles

A great way to have a custom product with your own branding or simply a specific theme to suit your business!

2 Wick 12oz Modern Jar

12oz Elite Jar

10oz Straight Jar

Custom Candle Labels

Perfect for:
Home Decor Stores
Flower Shops
Health & Wellness Stores
Coffee Shops
Real Estate Agents & Insurance Companies
(as client house warming gifts)
Wedding Planners

8oz Elite Jar & Soy Wax Melts Bars

Prices include the cost of the custom label designing & printing. We also work with the client’s own label designs and prices will be adjusted accordingly if only printing of the client’s own finished label design is required.

All estimated prices are for natural soy wax scented with our premium fragrance oils. Please contact for more information on custom candles created with pure essential oils.

Contact us for your Custom Candle Quote.